Grooming Tips for Dogs

If you are going to be getting a puppy, then you want to learn all about grooming them. The way you approach grooming them can help you to keep your dog, your home, and even your clothing looking better. Here are some of the things you should consider about dog grooming:

Some types of dogs don't shed

If you are concerned about getting a dog because you don't want to deal with any shedding, then you will be happy to learn that there are some breeds that don't shed. A couple of examples of breeds known for not shedding include both small and standard poodles, as well as Pekinese dogs. When you get a puppy that is bred with a non-shedding dog and another type, there is also a good chance the dog won't shed. An example of this is the Goldendoodle. This is a cross between a golden retriever and a standard poodle. One of the things that has led to their popularity is the fact that they don't shed.

You want to start grooming your puppy early on

One of the best things you can do is to start bathing and brushing your puppy right away. This way, they will get used to being groomed, so they won't fight you as an adult dog. If you get a breed that will require clippers being used on them, then you may even want to hold the clippers near them when they are turned on after their bath, so they get familiar with the sound.

Keep up on your dog's nails

Even if you take your dog in for regular grooming, you want to get yourself a good pair of nail clippers and stay on top of their nails so they don't get too long. If you cause some bleeding by accidentally going too short, you can use corn starch to get the bleeding to stop. You want to make sure you don't cut the nail past the part where it starts to get darker in color so you can avoid bleeding.

Take your dog to the groomer regularly

Once your dog is full grown and in need of regular clipping, you want to make sure you come up with a schedule that ensures they are getting groomed before their fur gets too long and is hard to manage. It is important for you to make sure you brush your dog's fur regularly so they don't end up with knots that have to be cut out.

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