Recently Adopt A Coton Puppy? 3 Strategies For Helping Them Adjust To Apartment Living

A new puppy brings so much joy to your life, and you have always dreamed of having a coton de tulear of your own. Since this breed is known for its friendly and relaxed nature, it is perfect for apartment living. However, you know that new puppies always require a little training to get them transitioned into their new home. As you search for coton puppies for sale, keep these strategies in mind for helping your new companion make a seamless transition to your new home.

Plan for Potty Training

Every puppy that spends time indoors must be properly housetrained. For potty training, you can use several strategies such as taking them outside or using special puppy pads when they must go indoors. Remember that potty training a new puppy takes time and patience. Avoid punishing your puppy for accidents, and instead focus on giving them treats when they potty in their designated area. Soon, your coton de tulear will naturally indicate their need to go potty so that you know to take them outside.

Give Them a Special Place

The coton dog breed is well-known for being fairly quiet, which helps to keep barking down when you are away. However, your dog still needs a special place to stay when you leave your apartment that they associate with comfort. In an apartment, you can either give them a crate or use a dog fence to keep them in an area of your home that has a hard floor. This makes it easier to clean up accidents, and your puppy will be less likely to run out of the door when you get home until they are trained to stay.

Start Socializing Right Away

Coton puppies for sale are often already well socialized since they spend time with other dogs. However, you will need to get your new puppy used to the sights, sounds and smells in your apartment community. Begin by taking your puppy for short walks outside, and allow them to meet any neighbors who show an interest in your dog. This helps to reduce barking, and your pup may even make friends with a few neighboring dogs that makes going for walks and to the dog park even more enjoyable.

When it comes to dog breeds, coton de tulear puppies are known for being excellent companions that quickly settle in to apartment life. By knowing how to establish a comfortable rapport with your puppy right away, you can quickly get to know each other while knowing that your puppy is well-received in your apartment community.