3 Things To Look At When Purchasing A Puppy From A Breeder

Buying from a breeder is often a great way to get the exact puppy that you and your family have been wanting, but it also comes with a few risks as there are a number of disreputable breeders out there that you will want to avoid doing business with whenever possible. Listed below are three things to look at when purchasing a puppy from a breeder:

The Temperament Of The Parents

One of the best things that you can do when looking to purchase a puppy from a breeder is to gauge the temperament of the parents. This is very important because the temperament and health of the parents can often be a good indicator as to how the various puppies will turn out. For example, if you visit the breeder and the parents of your chosen puppy are extremely aggressive, then it is probably a good idea to find another breeder or to pick a puppy from a different set of parents from that particular breeder in order to avoid issues in the future.

The Condition Of The Breeding Facility

Another important thing to look at when purchasing a puppy from a breeder is the condition of the breeding facility. In particular, you will want to make sure that the breeding facility is clean and that there is plenty of space for all of the puppies and the adult dogs to wander and rest comfortably. If you go to a breeding facility where the animals are all crammed into relatively small cages or if the place is quite dirty, then there is a chance of the puppies are not going to be all that healthy and that you are dealing with a disreputable or backyard breeder, at which point it is a good idea to move on and report the breeder due to the poor conditions that they are keeping the puppies and dogs in.

The Behavior Of The Breeder

Finally, it is important to look at the behavior of the breeder in order to determine if he or she is someone that you are going to want to do business with. In many cases, breeders are often going to require that you sit down and speak with them before they are willing to give you a puppy and that you actually fill out an application that the breeder will review before agreeing to meet you and speak with you. This is actually a very good thing as it means that the breeder actually cares about his or her puppies and wants to make sure that they go to a good home, whereas a breeder that is wanting to simply make a sale and doesn't care about your background or your ability to care for the dog is likely a disreputable breeder and not someone that you are going to want to give business to.

Contact a breeding association in your area today in order to get assistance with finding an appropriate breeder to purchase your puppy from and to discuss what you should look at when purchasing a puppy from a breeder. You will want to look at the temperament of the parents, the condition of the breeding facility, and the behavior of the breeder whenever you are purchasing a puppy.

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