Just Found A Lost Cat? Board Your Dog For A Day Or Two Until You Find A Solution

Some people live in areas where feral cats are normal, but it should be easy to tell the difference between a feral cat and a lost cat based on how they act when you are around them. It is possible for a lost cat to be scared enough to run away or hiss when you approach them, but they may also be friendly and run up to you because they are uncomfortable and seeking safety.

If you are determined to find their owners, you can bring them home. As a dog owner, you should consider boarding them for a day or two until you find a place for the cat to go.

Allow the Cat to Get Comfortable

A lost cat may never get comfortable in your home because they are not with their owner and in an unfamiliar place. But, you can make it a lot easier for the cat to feel better during their stay by boarding your dog. While it is an option to keep your dog outside, they may end up scratching at the back door or start barking, both of which can scare the cat because the ruckus is so close.

Separating the cat and your dog by putting them in separate parts of the house is another option. But, your dog could bother the cat by sniffing and scratching at the door separating them.

Avoid Possible Confrontations

While you may feel confident about your dog being around cats, you do not want to take any chances with a lost cat. The cat may not get along with dogs and it is a far better solution to avoid possible injuries to either animal or even yourself if you tried to break up a fight between them.

Focus on Helping Them

When you do not have to worry about what your dog and the cat is doing, you can focus on getting them the help they need. You can take photos of the cat in your home and post them online to see if you can catch the owner also looking online trying to find their cat. If there are any unique markings that will help to distinguish them from another cat, you will appreciate boarding your dog to maximize the chances of the cat being comfortable with you handling them.

Although you can try to help a lost cat while keeping your dog at home, you will have less to worry about and more time to focus on helping the cat when using dog boarding.