3 Special Tips for Caring for Your New Teacup Puppy

Teacup puppies are really cute and small, and they need your love and attention. If you are purchasing a teacup puppy, you'll need to ensure you give them the proper care. Here are three tips for new teacup puppy owners.

Give Them Moist Food High in Nutrition 

It is important to provide your puppy with the right food from the start. They are going to be transitioning to solid foods from a milk-based mom-provided diet. When you first bring them home, provide your puppy with moist food, which means purchasing canned doggie food. When you purchase canned dog food, be sure to purchase food made specifically for puppies with high nutritional content. 

You should also find out what brand the breeder was giving your puppy. You can keep giving them that brand, or you can ease them off that brand and on to another brand. If you choose to ease them off a particular brand, make the change gradually by giving the puppy a lot of the old food and then a little of the new food until you eventually get them to eat just the new food. 

Start with a Crate Right Away 

When you are not at home and at night, your puppy should go into their crate. Using a crate will help train your dog on appropriate behavior, and give them a little den and space that is "their" space. Just like people, dogs like to have a little space that is their own; if they have a choice, most dogs prefer a den-like space. Hence, a crate is a perfect workaround. 

Start training your new toy puppy right away. Keep them in their crate overnight, and help them learn when to use the create on their own. It can also be a great potty-training tool.  

Dedicate Time for Outside Exercise

Finally, you need to make sure that your puppy gets lots of exercise. It should get at least two hours of playtime outside every day, with about half of that playtime consisting of walks or more directed playing with you, and the other half of the time is the time when your puppy can just run around and explore on their own. 

You can learn more about taking care of your new addition to the family by reaching out to toy puppy breeders. Resources such as Puppy Heaven can answer more of your dog care questions.