Insight for Cockapoo Puppy Crate Training and Proper Feeding

Cockapoo puppies are a popular mix breed that combines a fun personality and a cute appearance that can bring hours of enjoyment into your home and to your family. However, to prepare for your puppy, there are a lot of areas to consider. Here are some tips to help you with training your new Cockapoo and also feeding them appropriately.

Look Into a Crate

Crate training your new puppy is a good way to help them feel safe in their new home and as they adjust to new surroundings. As they are new in your house, it will help them stay out of trouble and provide them protection as they get to know other pets in the household.

A crate will also help you house train them so they can learn where to use the bathroom and get them used to holding their urine until they can pee. Keep in mind young puppies cannot hold their bladder for very long. Plan to let them out of the crate for an outside bathroom break every thirty minutes to one hour, depending on their age. Then, as they grow, you can lengthen this time to where they will be able to hold their bladder for up to six to eight hours when they are fully grown. Be patient with your puppy as you crate train them as they will likely have accidents. This is all part of the learning process and should not 

Arrange for the Right Food

When you adopt your new puppy, you should always find out what type of food they have been fed so far during their life. You don't want to make a switch from the food they are familiar with to another food that you select. This can cause problems with their digestion or cause them to have stomach problems. 

If you choose to switch their food from the one they have been eating, complete the switch over a period of up to one week. Combine the two foods to add in more and more of the new food to help them adjust. However, always look for a healthy puppy food brand that provides them all the nutrients they need for growing and developing.

Plan to feed your puppy a limited amount of food for their proper health and nutrition. It is recommended to feed your Cockapoo one cup of food per day when they are between ten and fifteen pounds. When they grow bigger and are over fifteen pounds, you can increase their food to one and one-quarter cup per day. However, if your puppy is under ten pounds, start feeding them one-half to three-quarters cup per day.

Learn more by contacting breeders who have Cockapoo puppies for sale.