Everything To Know About Toyger Cats And Why You Should Get One

Generally, cats are magnificent creatures. They love you in their own quiet and aloof manner and make coming home in the evening an absolute delight. If you love cats and are looking to adopt one soon, you might want to consider the Toyger. 

The Toyger cat has a brown coat with grey, brown, and jungle green stripping. The name translates into a toy tiger. That's because the breed looks like a miniature tiger. Here is everything you need to know about this breed. 

The Appearance

The Toyger cat breed was customized by breeders a few years ago. As a result, the cat's fur and other physical features resemble a full-grown tiger. In addition, Toygers have a circular marking pattern on their head that frame their face, making them look poised and magnificent. 

Besides that, they have thicker striping on their fur than a regular tabby cat, and the stripes take on a more irregular pattern. The stripping is horizontal on their legs, but the underside of their body is white. You will also notice that they have a characteristic black tail tip. 

The Cat's Temperament

The outward appearance of this car might make you believe that you have a miniature tiger in the home, ready to pounce at the enemy when slightly provoked. However, these cats are friendly, laid-back, and lovable companions. Moreover, they have domestic genes that make them friendlier than Bengals. 

Because of that, you will have an easy time socializing with your Toyger when you bring them home. The cats also learn and adapt quickly to those around them, making them great playmates. While other cat breeds prefer to play by themselves, the Toyger likes the idea of playing with people.

Their Living and Care Needs

Toygers are not as active as Bengals and other breeds. However, they enjoy some level of play. For that reason, they need an outlet for their energy. That means you should give them time to go outside or offer them toys to play with. 

In addition, you can train your Toyger to walk on a leash and take them on regular walks. The cat sheds its fur a lot and should have a weekly brushing to keep the shedding under control. It is also advisable to feed them a proper cat diet and take them to the vet as required.

The joys of having a Toyger in your home are boundless. So contact a Toyger cat breeder and adopt this magnificent animal friend to spice up your family's life.