Advantages Of Whoodles Over Poodles

Poodles have been a beloved dog breed for years. But if you are considering bringing a poodle into your home, you'd do well to also consider an alternative: The whoodle. The whoodle, also known as the Wheaten terrier-poodle, is a cross between a Wheaten terrier and a poodle. In other words, it is a hybrid breed. Some people do prefer poodles to whoodles, and if you fall into that camp, it's completely okay. However, there are some advantages of whoodles that are worth considering.

Their coats are softer

Wheaten terriers, as a breed, have coats that are soft and plush. Poodles have curly, long coats that tend to be on the wiry side. There is some variety in the coats of whoodles, with some being softer than others and some being more curly than others. But most whoodles have a fairly soft, gently curled, long coat. People often find this soft coat nicer to stroke and also easier to brush and manage than that of a purebred poodle.

They are loving companions

Poodles are friendly, but some of them can get a little snippy or impatient at times, and many of them only enjoy cuddling in limited doses. Although there is some variety between whoodles, most tend to be more affectionate and cuddly than poodles. And since whoodles also tend to be smaller than standard poodles, thanks to their small Wheaten terrier parents, they can make lovely lap dogs.

They come in spotted patterns

You can find solid-colored whoodles if that's what you prefer. There are plenty of beige, silver, black, and white ones. However, there are also spotted whoodles, which makes for a really unique look on a long-haired dog. Some poodles have flecked coats, but spotted poodles are not common. If you want a spotted dog, the whoodle is a great choice.

They have hybrid hardiness

Purebred dogs, including poodles, do tend to have more health issues due to years of close breeding. Whoodles, as a hybrid breed, are less prone to these congenital health issues. They tend to be healthy, long-lived dogs, which is reassuring when you're bringing one home as your new family member.

You might be a poodle person, but you may actually be a whoodle person. Take the time to visit a breeder who has whoodles, and take a look around. See what they have to offer and whether you fall in love with the whoodle pups.