How To Groom Your F1 Cockapoo Puppy

If you're about to become the proud owners of an F1 cockapoo puppy, you're probably feeling happy and nervous at the same time. Naturally, you're happy because you'll soon be welcoming a cute little ball of fur into your heart and home — but you're also nervous because you're unsure of how to care for all that fur. After all, one of the identifying characteristics of this type of dog is their abundant tumble of fur that falls everywhere, and you're afraid it might turn into an unsightly tangle of snarls and mats since you don't know how to care for it properly. 

Fortunately, all you need is to get a few grooming basics down to keep your cockatoo puppy's coat looking its best. Here's what you need to know:

Make Brushing Part of Your Daily Routine

Don't wait until you notice tangles and dirt on your puppy before you give it a bath or brush its fur. You should be brushing your puppy every day, starting from the first day you bring it home daily brushing will minimize the development of tangled fur in the first place. Some pups may feel apprehensive when first introduced to a brush, so let your puppy sniff the brush and explore it prior to brushing its fur. Keep brushing sessions short — five or ten minutes at the most. 

Make Bathtime Fun and Pleasant for Your Pup 

Your puppy should have its first bath after it's been with you for about a week and has had time to get to know and trust you. The bath should be a pleasant experience instead of a power struggle between the two of you — dogs that haven't been introduced to being bathed when they were puppies often fight to get free from the minute they are placed in the tub. Talk to your puppy in a reassuring tone and reward it with small treats when the bath is over to create positive memories. Dry your puppy thoroughly — keep in mind that all that fur holds a lot of water, so use a thick, absorbent towel — and spray some detangler made specifically for dogs on its fur to help smooth out any developing tangles. 

Never use products made for humans on your cockapoo puppy. Choose a brush that is specifically made for long-haired dogs, and choose gentle soap, shampoo, and conditioner formulated for use on puppies. 

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